Waltz’s transit solution is a comprehensive fare collection system designed to seamlessly and securely enable access at both manned and unattended entry points such as turnstiles, buses, platforms, and on-vehicle inspections. Riders effortlessly pay for, schedule, and receive pertinent information regarding their journey, all in a single smartphone app.

For agencies and operators, the robust and scalable backend fare management system, along with the inexpensive non-proprietary hardware at entry points, results in significantly lower collection costs and shorter deployment times, with little to no upfront capital expenditure. The unique advertising platform included in the solution enables an offset of upfront capital expenditure and creates a reliable revenue stream during the life of the system. Using dynamic data from both sides of a transaction, operators will obtain actionable insights into ridership patterns, which can inform more effective long-term route planning and capacity management along with curating real-time passenger alerts in the short-term.

Solution Benefits:

  • Highly functional in any transit environment, even without connectivity
  • Revolutionary user experience fueling high adoption
  • Secure fraud-proof system
  • Decreased collection costs and deployment times
  • Industry-first advertising platform generates dependable revenue stream