Real Estate

Waltz’s real estate solution makes buildings more accessible to tenants and their guests. Using our cloud-based entry management system coupled with our smartphone app, administrators and tenant managers can grant access to staff and visitors with a few simple clicks. Additionally, administrators and tenant managers can view entry logs and gain valuable insights from entry/exit data not available with traditional access control systems.

Tenants and employees can invite guests remotely through the app. Visitors can bypass the lobby security desk by scanning their government-issued ID and taking a live image to verify their identity. Upon verification the entry credential is released and ready for use.

Solution Benefits:

  • Users can access buildings more conveniently
  • Managers can easily organize access rights and visitor invitations
  • Manage and view entries of tenants and visitors
  • Reduce operating costs of existing legacy access control systems
  • Ubiquity across multiple buildings allows for simplified user experience